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It’s very intimidating being new to the writing scene. Especially since I don’t have much formal training other than GCSE English A*. I’ve read some classics, though, and am currently reading The Great Gatsby. I am just beginning my time in this field.

How will I write this blog? Personally to myself? Targeted at the reader? I do not know the level of my own English. I don’t imagine it to be very high. I will undoubtedly be influenced by reading others’ blogs so let’s see what happens. I think categorizing will be useful. So far I have a “personal” category and I think in future I want some sort of a fiction one. I have realized in the past two years or so that nothing really has meaning unless you give meaning to it. Fiction means nothing if you think nothing of it. Especially your own. You need to create something with a powerful base and then build it, not take it for some meaningless nonsense that isn’t actually real. YOU need to be enjoying its creation and development.If you believe it to be good enough then it will exist, if only in your writing. On a larger scale, once others start to read it, it can have more complex meanings in the world. It is important.  The issue for me, as with drawing, is where to start and “what to draw”.



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