thoughts from last night 

I feel very much myself when I go out on evening endeavours with particular people and friendship groups. During summer there has been such an event three or four times a week. I hope not to lose this sense of the night being young, and the immediate future seeming full and rich. I feel that wherever the night takes me I will be happy with. I feel just the right amount of control. I am worried that when I start working full time these nights will decrease and it will be hard to keep my spark.
So much of my time is spent up moving around the house in search of something to do. I am going to spend all day on the couch today, until evening (only moving to help with cooking and also help with housework).

Certain poetry seems to me like the lighthearted way of tackling something that one could write a heartfelt essay about. The implications can be placed in such a way that the gaps between the lines are filled in with one’s own imagination – making it a personal place you can go back to if you like.

We are an interesting generation in that we do not all assume we will probably end up having children.

Mood is so important in creativity and productivity! Take time to get into the right mood and mindset.

“comedy is the challenge to reality” what? What does it mean??? I can appreciate the example of Tom and Jerry, where Jerry gets annoyed and gets a huge hammer and hits Tom over the head with it. The challenge to reality is that you would never do that to someone in real life, but in the cartoon it is done and is very apt. Russel Howard could be said to be the challenge to reality – he makes fun of it and takes away its seriousness.

I think with my constantly lazy posture, I am always trying to use as little effort and energy as possible. Which I don’t imagine to be very good for my body – certain parts will take a large part of the strain. Also, movement habits have really set in since I’ve grown up (even in the past five years) and certain muscles are never moved or used – if in disuse the body wouldn’t put any effort in keeping them very active or strong, so they begin to decrease in strength, taking away my ability to easily get out of the habit of only using certain ones. 



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